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Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, the ability to report on historical and real-time vehicle trips and events is vital for analysing your fleet’s current capabilities and identifying areas of improvement.

Below we have identified 2 of our most commonly used reports and idemonstrated how fleet managers and business owners can utilise these to increase their fleets profitability and productivity.

  • Excessive Idle Time Report

Excessive idling reporting

The ability to identify if your vehicle was stuck in traffic for 20 minutes or if the driver left the vehicle running to make use of the air conditioning while on their break enables you to operate a more profitable fleet. Identifying the drivers who leave their vehicle idling unnecessarily and rectifying such behaviour can result in a significant decrease in a vehicles fuel expenses.

Excessive idling events can be hard to monitor and reduce but i360’s excessive idle report enables fleet managers to define an acceptable idle time limit (for example 4 minutes) and report on a per vehicle, per trip or per driver basis to identify who, where and when excessive idling events are occurring. Once businesses have visibility of unprofitable behaviour, they can implement improvement strategies.

i360 also alerts designated staff member in real time if the acceptable idle time limit has been breached. If a vehicle has its engine running but remains stationary for longer than this period, the system will send notification via e-mail or SMS to specific staff members in real time so corrective action can be taken immediately.

  • Daily Utilisation Report

Vehicle daily utilisation

Optimising a vehicles total driving time against its total ignition off time is critical for ensuring that each asset is completing the maximum number of jobs in day. Whether you own or manage 1 or 10,000 vehicles, individual vehicle analysis is critical for increasing your company’s productivity outputs and enabling wise operational decision making. 

Complete visibility of where a vehicle has been, how many trips it’s completing in a day and the number of kilometres it’s travelled amongst other key performance indicators is instrumental knowledge for a business owner or a fleet manager to have if they are wanting to maximise each of their vehicles productivity verse it’s operational expenses. Reports such as this one are a centralised point of fleet information identifying the way in which each and every vehicle is being used while highlighting inefficiencies and areas for improvement. 

Reports such as these help you turn disparate fleet information into actionable business intelligence. i360 collects, stores, organises and presents historical and real time fleet information to enable you to run a more profitable and productive fleet; click here to see the full range of reports available within the system. 

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