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Increase productivity with FMS

Every business owner and manager would love to complete more jobs in a day without increasing the number of staff or vehicles currently employed, but more often than not this scenario is deemed unpractical and productivity increases are achieved at a higher cost to the organisation. We took a look at how GPS fleet management systems can drive efficiencies and raise throughputs within your fleet so that your organisation can increase its revenue without requiring additional physical and mobile resources.

GPS Fleet management systems offer your company complete real-time visibility of each and every one of your vehicles. The ability see where each vehicles is, and where it has been, clearly identifies exactly how many minutes in a day are spent engaging in unprofitable activity. FMS solutions identify practices such as inefficient routing, time theft and unauthorised vehicle use which costs your business money for little to no return.

Identifying where and for how minutes your vehicles operate unprofitably, calculated on a daily, weekly, and fleet-wide basis, may surprise you. Re-scheduling and monitoring the use of this time can save on extra resources to achieve greater outcomes. For example, eliminating 20 wasted minutes per driver, per day, over a fleet of 30 vehicles, can save your company the hours of one full-time employee.

Fleet management solutions provide complete visibility of your fleet operations from a centralised hub which not only enables you to improve time efficiencies, but also identifies and highlights trends in unsafe and unprofitable conduct such as speeding, aggressive driving and vehicle misuse. This enables you to make informed business decisions regarding productivity as opposed to educated guesswork and risky additional investments.

Using a fleet management system to ensure fleet-wide compliance with internal and external regulations is another way to drive productivity from your company’s existing physical and mobile resources. Monitoring, managing and reporting on driver, vehicle and environmental compliance can seem like a daunting task for business owners and managers, but fleet management systems make this a relatively simple process and can actually increase the profitability of each of your drivers and vehicles.

GPS Fleet management systems act like a window between you and your drivers so that you know what’s happening, when it’s happening. Alerts can be set up so if drivers break any speed restrictions, leave their vehicle idling for longer than a specified time, or do not comply with industry required hours of service, you know about it in real time. This enables you can take the appropriate action immediately so that your drivers are always fit to be operating your high-value assets, therefore reducing organisational liability and the likelihood of accidents. Intelligent fleet management systems allow you to manage these processes by exception – drivers operating within the acceptable standards unless the system alerts you otherwise.

Increasing the productivity of your vehicles means optimising its safety, quality and lifespan vs. its operational costs. Reputable fleet management systems enable you to manage a preventative maintenance and efficient servicing strategy so you know that your vehicles are consistently working at the highest standard possible. Poorly maintained engines use more fuel and release more carbon than those which are serviced regularly; costing your business money while increasing your carbon footprint. FMS systems eliminate the need for drivers or fleet staff to remember when a vehicle requires servicing work. Alerts on a distance, time, or per-hour operating basis can be set up, thereby prolonging the life of high value assets while increasing to the productivity and profitably of your fleet. Going further, fleet management systems create a reliable vehicle history which can be analysed for ROI, breakdown cause and effect and general wear-and-tear.

Fleet management systems enables business owners and managers to monitor their fleet in real-time to gain fleet-wide visibility from a centralised hub of information, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance in order to drive efficiency and productivity from your companies mobile and physical resources.

For more information on how Imarda can increase your fleets productivity please contact an Imarda representative today.

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