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How to improve Customer Service with FMS

Customer-orientated organisations understand that time is a valuable commodity and outstanding customer service is critical in today’s competitive environment. Great customer service helps your business build a loyal customer base and encourages repeat business. In this article we’ve identified 3 ways a fleet management system will enhance your ability to provide superior service to your clients.

Provide specific ETA’s for delivery

A sure-fire way to inconvenience your customers is providing unspecific and elongated windows of time in which they can expect to see your drivers/vehicles at their location. The ability to provide and deliver on an accurate estimated time of arrival increases your customer’s confidence in the level of service you can provide.

Employing a fleet management system gives you complete visibility of your fleet. The ability to see and track each vehicle’s location on a map in real time enables you to quickly and accurately calculate how far your vehicles are from their destination and communicate this with your customers. Going further, alerts can be set up to automatically notify the appropriate staff when delays in the supply or delivery chain occur enabling solutions to be implemented and communicated with customers in a timely and efficient manner.

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Guarantee adherence to service level agreements

Customising your services to meet your client’s specific needs is a great way to satisfy and exceed their expectations. When these arrangements are made, you have to be able to guarantee, monitor and prove your drivers and vehicles compliance with the agreement 100% of the time.

For example, if a customer has stipulated that they cannot receive deliveries between 3-4pm, geo-fences, e-mail and SMS alerts and vehicle reports are features within a fleet management system which would enable you to monitor and verify adherence to this specific trade arrangement.

More advanced fleet management systems enable you to operate in business wisdom by managing these agreements by exception – drivers and vehicles are compliant with these terms of trade unless the system notifies you otherwise. This means you can spend less time micro-managing fleet staff and more time expanding business opportunities.

For more information, see how a large supermarket chain in Australia is using Imarda’s technology to meet their service level agreements.

Public perception of your business

Company vehicles and drivers are mobile representations of your business and your brand. Without actually being in the vehicle, how do you know your drivers are operating within your company code of conduct and what do you do if a client or motorist claims otherwise?

Not only do good fleet management systems alert you in real time to speeding or aggressive driving behaviour, they store business critical information – such as speed, kilometres travelled, stops, stop durations – which can be accessed at any time to clarify and validate customer or public discrepancies.

Once a fleet management solution has been implemented, vehicle and driver reports can be used for internal analysis to highlight trends in unsafe or unprofitable conduct and identify areas of improvement so that the service you provide is as effective and efficient as possible.

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Great customer service enhances your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable business, increases customer loyalty and encourages positive word of mouth – the most efficient form of marketing.

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