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How to improve delivery times

improve delivery cycle times

Want to improve your delivery times? How about using our unique Geofence Timeout feature?

By using this feature, we have seen customers able to reduce delivery time on sites by 10-20% in some cases.

It’s simply a case of what’s measured improves, but not one has time to be monitoring vehicles and drivers constantly, this is where the Timeout feature comes in. By setting up a target delivery time (time within the delivery geofence), i360 will generate a system event or alert each time the time is exceeded.

This can generate an alert on each occurrence and/or be used within i360’s ActionEngine to further automate the business processes e.g. count the occurrences per vehicle/driver or to report and record additional information such as average time at customer site.

For more information check out our White Paper on Improving Delivery Cycle Times on this page.

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