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Our changing world

Imarda and telematics

Just as streams lead to rivers, social networking has impacted on the world of business applications through intelligent computer users who expect rapid information delivered via “available anywhere” cloud based solutions.

The world of telematics is no different. At Imarda we are experiencing rapid change driven by powerful consumer devices such as the iPhone and Android devices, as well the demand for business service connectivity where information flows from one platform to another. 

The future of telematics is clear, there is a need to adopt a more open policy around the connectivity of devices, and to increase interoperability with 3rd party platforms. This leads to a greater level of applicable business intelligence and ultimately better business solutions. 

In short, there is now a race on for those courageous enough to challenge the value proposition of conventional telematics by embracing the viral connectivity of personal, consumer and business devices and solutions.

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