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UI changes in new release of i360

Imarda i360 user interface

The last few weeks have heralded important developments at Imarda, above all in terms of streamlining and enhancing user experience across various facets of our business, including our corporate website and fleet management software, i360.

The first in a long line of deep-reaching user interface improvements was implemented for the latest release of i360 (version 11.6) and made publicly available for clients on 24th June. This update, as well as including a wide variety of functionality upgrades, offers the first inklings into what the future holds with regards to the software user interface (UI).

Imarda i360 user interface

In line with our continued effort to ensure we are on the cutting edge of new technology, we made the decision to move to CSS3 for the creation of centralized style resources, a decision which will drastically reduce the need for complex image manipulation, thus reducing load times and also increasing the flexibility of future updates and styling changes. All the most recent versions of the major browsers now offer support for basic CSS3 properties (as well as the most common HTML5 tags) and this move was therefore a logical one for us to make at this stage.

The design changes are most apparent on the login screen and across the main navigation panel at the top of the system itself.

Imarda i360 user interface

Furthermore, we added a completely new window to the interface, accessible via the question-mark icon to the top right of the navigation panel, which offers clients a variety of support options. Most notable amongst them is the addition of the all-new Imarda Support Portal, which features a complete knowledgebase and support ticketing system. This is without doubt one of the most exciting recent developments in terms of client communication, as it will enable us to address those issues most common to our clientele, offering timely and comprehensive assistance in a simple format.

Imarda i360 support

We hope you enjoy the new design updates. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome, as always.


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