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i360 iPhone App Version 1.0.6

We are pleased to have just released the latest version of the i360 iPhone app. Our app can be used by i360 users to remotely manage and view vehicles via their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

They can monitor vehicles on the map and see their position, direction, speed and which of their drivers are logged on at any one time.

Users can also use an Apple device as standalone tracking, messaging and job dispatch tool without requiring any tracking devices to be fitted to vehicles.

i360 compatible with iOS

Key Features Include,

  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • View of vehicles by fleet type
  • Speed, direction and location details
  • Send messages to one or more vehicles
  • Receive messages
  • Create and assign jobs
  • See all active jobs
  • Update job status, add notes to jobs, see job history

What’s new in Version 1.0.6?

1. Users can now change the type of map that is displayed on the tracking view. The map setting can now be accessed by tapping the new curl icon in the bottom-right corner of the toolbar below the map.

i360 compatible with iOS

2. Vehicles can now be searched by name and current location, both in the tracking map & fleet selector (i.e., the selector that shows up when adding new recipients to a job or a message):

i360 compatible on iOS


3. Added the option to select all the vehicles assigned to the user, in both the tracking map and the fleet selector.
Don’t have the App yet? Search i360 in the App store to download today.

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