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How to achieve a green fleet

Environment friendly fleet

Heightened concern for the planet’s well-being and tighter government and industry controls have put a vast amount of pressure on business owners to run greener fleets. No longer are the days of operations being run (especially anything involving transport) with no consideration of their impact on the environment.

How does one run a green fleet? The term gets thrown around enough with little insight given into what it actually takes to run a green fleet, so we thought it would be useful to provide a couple of tips that may help you come closer to achieving a greener fleet.

Effectively manage the jobs your drivers complete.

A huge factor in achieving green fleet status is reducing the amount of travel time each vehicle needs to take in order to complete deliveries or customer jobs. It is important to effectively co-ordinate jobs and the travel time involved in each job in order to ensure less time is spent on the road. Are drivers taking the most effective route? Are drivers completing jobs in the most logical order, or are they unnecessarily travelling back and forth across the city? In trying to achieve a green fleet, the less time your vehicles are travelling to complete jobs is vital. A reduction in travel time also equates to reduced fuel usage and a lower carbon foot print.

Better monitor your driver’s behaviour.

Being able to see whether or not your drivers are over-revving or braking harshly in real time will significantly help you reduce unnecessary fuel usage and vehicle wear-and-tear. Having this information will positively impact your ability to be able to eliminate the driver behaviour that is detrimental to your business becoming a green fleet.

Having the tools to effectively manage your vehicles and drivers will greatly assist you in reducing travel time, minimising fuel usage and eliminating unnecessary vehicle wear-and-tear. Imarda is passionate about helping customers achieve greener fleets. For more information on how this can be done in your business, please feel free to contact us. More information is also available on the Greener Fleet section of the Imarda site.

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