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Lets Talk Return on Investment

If you are thinking about purchasing a fleet management system, it is important to be aware of the difference between high-end and low-end solutions; not only in cost but also in the functions available and their ability to supply your business critical information in real time. Business owners and managers need to base their purchase decision on the return a FMS investment will bring their business, rather than the cost of implementing the system.

We created our Return On Investment calculator to show you the potential savings your business can expect to see by implementing i360. Imarda customers describe our fleet management solutions as one’s which “pay for themselves” and allows them to “spend time on more productive tasks.

Here are some more ways our customers have used i360 to increase their business’s profitability:

When implementing i360, Imarda customers almost immediately begin to see savings in their fuel expenses. Integrating the Route To and 2-Way Navigation features into daily operations so that drivers can identify and take the fastest route from point A to point B means less fuel is used to complete the same number of jobs. Going further, our customers also use i360 to identify and reduce excessive vehicle idling and aggressive driving behaviour thereby decreasing the amount of fuel used and optimising every litre that is.

Vehicle breakdowns and the associated difficulties are an expensive issue every fleet manager has to deal with at some time; staff can minimise the likelihood of such occurrences and expenses by implementing a preventative maintenance strategy. Our customers use i360 to set up maintenance schedules which alert designated staff when work is due to be completed on a specific vehicle to keep it operating in an optimised state of fitness. Further savings are achieved when service histories stored within i360 are analysed for trends and cost comparisons so that business decisions which reduce each vehicles operating costs can be made.

Imarda’s customers range from 1 man businesses to companies with market capitalisations of up to $30b. Regardless of your fleet’s size, i360 creates virtually endless opportunities for your business to save on vehicle and operational costs; by automating time and resource consuming processes and managing by exception, your business will be able to significantly increase its productivity and profitability.

Try our ROI calculator today for an obligation-free idea on how i360 will be an investment with many returns for your business.

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