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Hardware and your FMS Solution

Hardware is a critical component of your fleet management solution as it defines the type of information extracted from each of your fleet vehicles. This said, when purchasing a fleet management system, it is important to ensure each device will derive the maximum return on investment for your business.

As hardware is a significant contributor to the upfront cost of installing a fleet management system, you want to make sure your devices are tailored to the specific needs of your vehicles and assets. Therefore, you must select devices which provide the most significant information for your fleet. For example, a smartphone with GPS tracking capability may resolve a small fleet’s location and tracking issues; but an enterprise needing to reduce fuel usage, lower emissions and extend the life of more than 100 heavy duty vehicles require more powerful devices that can adequately collate and transmit a substantial amount of data.

This is where the term ‘hardware agnostic’ becomes a core aspect of the system you purchase. Hardware agnostic systems are designed independent of hardware so that customers are not limited to a specific set of devices when they purchase a fleet management solution. This means you can install the most suitable device in each vehicle and access the information collected in real time and in one place. For example, at Imarda we develop our propriety vector range of hardware but a key distinguishing feature of our i360 platform is its ability to integrate with third party devices and smartphones.

Hardware agnostic platforms ‘speak’ to technology and devices from a variety of manufactures so clients can use devices with functionality most suited to their specific needs. These systems are more flexible and suitable for businesses and fleets of all sizes and ends in a higher ROI for customers.

To learn more about our hardware agnostic platform click here.

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