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Enterprise Software in the Cloud

Life before cloud computing was very complicated and expensive for enterprise companies. The diversity and amount of hardware and software required to run business critical applications meant large teams of IT experts would be employed to install, run, configure, secure and update these systems. Multiply these processes by dozens/hundreds of applications and it’s easy to see why some enterprises are struggling to obtain, process, and then use the wealth of data available to them.

Along came cloud computing; a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data so businesses no longer have to. Here is what cloud computing (delivered through an infrastructure, platform or software as a service model) manages, so your IT staff can focus their efforts elsewhere:

how cloud software works

Cloud computing, delivered via one of the above models, is a technology movement growing in popularity as the advantages for large organisations are rapidly realised. Characteristics such as unlimited scalability, pay-per-use billing, self-service provisioning and automatic de-provisioning are attracting large organisations to move their data from local servers over to the cloud.

Accessibility and flexibility attributes of cloud based software means larger organisations can attain the dexterity and agility typically found in smaller businesses while reducing space, time, power and operational costs. Enterprises using cloud technology are operating better and faster than competitors who don’t because their business critical information is hosted, managed, maintained, organised and presented for them allowing more time to be spent expanding business opportunities.

Imarda’s fleet management solution, i360, is an intelligent telematics platform designed from the ground up to provide a flexible, configurable, and scalable cloud-based system for enterprise customers. Our Software as a Service business model; where software is hosted securely on the internet, allows us to support multiple fleets with varying asset types for customers around the world.

Imarda’s enterprise customers enjoy benefits such as easy access to information, configurable software integration and vast historical storage of vehicle and fleet data from our cloud based fleet solution. We invite you to contact an Imarda representative to discuss how our customisable SaaS platform can increase your fleet’s productivity and profitability.

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