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Accurate invoicing

Accurate invoicing

In service businesses one of the main queries that customers raise is to do with billing – its either ‘was the job really done’ or ‘did it really take that long?’ To add complexity to the situation, the question may only come in days after the job is completed and by then memories are starting to fade and the job card is the only record. I was sitting with a customer recently when such a query came in – one of their clients called to say they were expecting baiting to be done but they hadn’t seen the pest controller and so why were they being charged?

We called the technician and he said that he had knocked, no-one was home so he went ahead and baited then left. With a simple report from i360 we could demonstrate that he arrived two minutes before the scheduled time and was onsite for just over 15 minutes. The job itself takes around ten minutes so that supports his story. Sending the report through to their client gave them peace of mind that the job really had been done, they were happy to pay, and the issue was resolved without any angst.

What sets service companies apart in a highly competitive environment is exactly that – service. Being able to provide black and white evidence at a moment’s notice can completely remove any nagging doubt the customer may have about your invoicing accuracy, reducing any risk of damage to your relationship and reducing the time you have to spend chasing queries.

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