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Effective Risk Management

Ensuring your company adheres to occupational health and safety regulations can be a matter of continuing to operate or seizing to trade. The Model Work Health and Safety Act which came into force within Australia in January 1, 2012 imposes heavy fines of up to $600,000, or up to five years imprisonment, should organisations fail to meet their duty of care towards drivers and field staff.

Technology plays a vital role in helping companies meet their OH&S requirements and at Imarda we dedicate a large portion of our product development roadmap to ensure our customers are equipped with effective risk management tools for their businesses. The Fatigue Management module within Imarda’s i360 is one of which that empowers users to effectively manage the fatigue law requirements of their drivers.

Risk management

Through the use of an in-cab screen driver’s breaks and driving hours are automatically monitored to ensure requirements are met on a daily, weekly, and fortnightly basis. Drivers can easily view the hours they have worked, the hours they have remaining. Managers can also see the same information within the i360 browser to ensure there is an appropriate allocation of work that would not require drivers to exceed their remaining driving time.

Risk management

Automated alerts can be set up within i360 to prompt drivers of the required breaks that must be taken each shift. Within the system you can establish different levels of breaches, each having an associated action. Depending on the level of the breach, managers can also be alerted by email or SMS of any drivers not meeting the required break times within their shifts.

fatigue management

Detailed fatigue management reports can be produced within i360 to effectively rate the compliance level of drivers. Reports of all shifts worked gives a view of which drivers have met the required break schedule. Drivers are given a rating dependent on the number of breaches they incur while working; any drivers with a consistently poor rating can then be highlighted.

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