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Accelerated platform development through licensing deal

We are proud to announce a licensing agreement with Fern Digital Ltd; a New Zealand –based developer of business solutions. Under the licensing agreement Imarda can integrate all of Fern’s intellectual property into our i360 fleet management platform.

“Licensing Fern’s technology enables us to expand the work we’ve done in the past four years developing our third-generation telematics platform (i360)” says Imarda CEO Selwyn Pellett.

“Fern’s intellectual property gives us the ability to accelerate the development of modules we need to expand i360’s value to a range of businesses, including transaction processing, inventory management, job workflow, and integration into Xero.”

“At this stage of i360’s development, we are able to significantly expand the power of what we can do through strategic IP acquisitions and licensing agreements” says Pellett.

“Imarda set out with a vision of turning data into knowledge and then knowledge into business wisdom. This licensing deal and possible future acquisitions will help us deliver on that goal and allow us to expand the value of our service to existing customers while opening up opportunities for Imarda in businesses we have not previously served.”

“Companies are looking for improvements right across their business and wider supply chain and by definition this necessitates a highly configurable and extensible platform like i360. Our history in GPS solves lots of the mobile asset management issues, but we see the real need to go much deeper into the back office systems to bring actionable intelligence to across the entire business process and this licensing agreement will help deliver that” says Pellett.

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