Introducing Swaytech

Imarda is scaling operations by establishing relationships with a group of companies that provide a full spectrum of services, all under one roof!

Imarda supports New Zealand Hi Tech Awards

Imarda is a proud supporter of the New Zealand Hi Tech Awards held in Christchurch this year.

Imarda begins global expansion phase for i360

Imarda launches its global expansion, signing a first Franchisee partner in South Africa.

i360 Gets Chilly

Imarda launches their newest addition the i360 suite of features: i360 Cold Chain - which provides monitoring of Refrigeration (commonly known as Reefer) Systems working with vehicles.

Big Data…. So what?

With all the talk about big data many businesses are left wondering 'so what'? Imarda CEO Selwyn Pellett presented at the CLO Summit in Surfer's Paradise to tackle this question for the supply chain.

Information on Demand

Vehicle daily utilisation

Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, the ability to report on historical and real-time vehicle trips and events is vital for analysing your fleet’s current capabilities and identifying areas of improvement.

How tired are your drivers?

It is the responsibility of business owners and fleet managers to ensure their drivers are compliant with hours of service regulations every second they are behind the wheel of a company vehicle. Ensuring compliance with these industry standards ensures the safety of your drivers and other motorists on the road, and verifies organisational liability....

We're still growing!

Sindhu Reddy

The team at Imarda is continuing to grow and we are pleased to welcome the latest additions Sindhu Reddy, Oleg Grishyn and Pascal Guislain to the Engineering department. We sat down with these three to get some more information...

Work smarter in the cloud

When looking at ways to manage a more productive and efficient fleet of vehicles, fleet managers and business owners are increasingly turning to cloud based software to help them and their staff work smarter rather than harder.

Compliance Management

Fleet management systems are vital for improving the productivity and profitability of your drivers and company vehicles; but as a business owner or fleet manager, how do ensure that your mobile physical resources and assets are compliant with industry, legal and company mandates 100% of the time?

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