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Alerting (Advanced)

Alerting Advanced

Take action in real time with configurable rules-based alerts sent to your screen, email or phone.

i360’s advanced alerting uses the i360 ActionEngine™, allowing you to create complex alerting that can include rules around ‘if’, ‘then’ and ‘else’ scenarios with conditional alerting. Advanced Alerting also lets you customise the format of the alerts, with a range of alert actions including sending messages to drivers.


  • Conditional rules, based on entity data, date and time
  • Customer-definable trigger events (in addition to system triggers)
  • Automatically sends alerts to screens or smartphones
  • Definable alert templates (configurable layout and data included in alert)


  • Automate business process and reduce manual intervention
  • Improve productivity
  • Customise/configure the system to work the way you want it to
  • Embed your IP into the solution without giving it to vendors

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