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ActionEngine™ Business Rules

Action Engine business Intelligence

i360’s ActionEngine™ uses configurable business rules to automate both basic and advanced operational processes.

The business rules can also be used to manipulate data fields, create driver messages, send emails or even post data to other business systems.


  • User-definable trigger events (in addition to 50+ system trigger events)
  • Configurable templates define data that is to be used/acted upon
  • Rules acting on any data field allow virtually unlimited conditional activity within a range of scenarios
  • Actions include automatically:
    • Manipulating data
    • Sending driver messages
    • Sending email or SMS
    • Sending data to other business systems
    • Updating metrics


  • Simplify and remove manual operations
  • Make the system work the way your business operates
  • Maximise business value by embedding your business IP into the system

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