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Excellence in FMS - The Imarda story

Imarda was founded in 2007 following the acquisition of two companies that had a combined 11 years of experience building Telematics Systems.

Its technology heritage has ensured the company’s solid reputation in the industry as an experienced service provider - a trusted, credible brand that customers rely on.

Today, Imarda provides FMS hardware and software to customers around the globe. More than 100,000 mobile hardware units have been shipped to customers including Woolworths and Boral (AUS) and one of the world’s largest freight carriers in the US.

Imarda’s mission is to build a sustainable, global technology business from New Zealand, using a cloud-based platform that supports customers by using their business knowledge to optimise the efficiency and productivity of their mobile assets and workers.

Imarda’s world-class FMS Telematics Technology Platform – i360 – has propelled it into a unique position within the Fleet Management market. The key differentiating feature of the i360 platform is its ‘ActionEngine™’, a flexible ‘rules’ engine that enables business rules and alerts to be defined without programming. Coupled with the well-established GPS Tracking Devices business and strong customer base, Imarda is able to deliver highly configurable end-to-end solutions that incorporate hardware, software and intelligent content through automated data management systems.

At Imarda, we are driven to make a difference:

A difference to our global customers by delivering technologies that turn their disparate business data into actionable intelligence and business wisdom, which is then embedded into their daily operations.

A difference to our planet by helping our customers to do more work, with fewer vehicles in a shorter time; therefore saving money, time and energy. A difference to New Zealand’s economy by exporting high-value, high-margin, and high customer ROI technology into the fast-growing global Fleet Management market and creating high-value jobs for New Zealand.

The solutions Imarda has developed in the past three years have seen its brand position evolve to represent not just technology leadership and innovation but as a thought leader within the telematics industry on issues such as the environment, and the health, safety and quality of life of mobile workers, as well as optimising mobile resource business productivity and performance.